Scanpan Classic 12-1/2-Inch Fry Pan Review


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Pioneering the production related to Eco-friendly kitchenware, Scanpan’s Classic series is made from recycled aluminum and options a very PFOA-free non-stick change of state food area. These pans work in frying eggs cleanly, building omelets plus a change of state fragile food.

Heavy duty stress-cast aluminum body includes a solid base, ensuring fast and heat distribution. Original ceramic titanium non-stick change of state food surface is troublesome to scrape aside, with metal utensils even. The wok is warranted newer to core, peel, or produce hot spots. Durable, ergonomic handle remains amazing throughout stove change of state.

Scanpan Classic brings together the most recent technology together with elegant, functional vogue and recent globe craft to manufacture the simplest non-stick kitchen utensil today. It is manufactured from pressure-cast aluminum together with the ceramic-titanium slippery area. It is created for high-warmth cooking food like sautéing, sautéing or searing, temperatures equally, and the higher sloped sides make sure that it’s a simple task to fry.

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Why Should Purchase This Product?

Comfy and durable
Ergonomic handle is unremarkably comfortable, stays and durable cool throughout traditional stovetop use; rivet-free style can near be warranted unleash. The solid base provides fast and heats distribution additionally.

Completely Protected
Safe for the family members, the patented metallic element non-stick creating food surface is licensed PFOA free, secure to make use of with gilded utensils that can’t hook up with food.

Eco-friendly Scanpan could presumably be the first producer of slippery kitchen utensil certified to be PFOA free. Scanpan’s ground-breaking IQ assortment would work for AN quantity of change of state food areas, together with induction. It needs very little in order to no additional fat with reference to a change of state additionally.

Appealing Glass Lid
Glass lid enables you to look for food as a result of it cooks food while not discharging vapor and damp. Strong stainless-steel rim prevents cracks and chips. Bakelite button stays superb around the stovetop and lid can be utilized within the kitchen appliance around 500°F.

Oven and Stovetop Safe
Pan works all cooking and permits browning, agonizing, and deglazing-things you cannot do with conventional non-stick. Besides it is fully kitchen appliance and stovetop safe.

Enticing options

  1. Trademarked ceramic metal non-stick change of state surface is accredited PFOA free.
  2. Extra-thick base is usually pressure cast that ensures generally heat distribution and   eliminates extremely popular spots. The flat base is guaranteed to newer warp absolutely.
  3. Quick and conjointly heat submission delivers around fifty % energy savings.
  4. Patented handle options no screws or rivets and is secure newer to come back loose
  5. Guaranteed newer to core, peel, or possess hot spots
  6. Appropriate for most change of state areas, excluding induction
  7. Safe to utilize along with metal utensils and lifelong assurance


Patented Non-stick Surface: The ceramic metal non-stick surface is tough to scrape away, despite having steel utensils. It needs little to no excess fat for change of state therefore that you’ll be able to take pride in healthier foods. A number of uses square measure fantastic for stir-frying, steaming, deep-frying, sautéing, braising, and much additional.

Heat Evenly Stress -cast-aluminum body is assured newer to produce hot places and comes with solid foundation for ideal performance.

User-friendly slanted sides guarantee that it’s straightforward to slip the spatula-less than foods to flip or perhaps carry it away. So this kitchen utensil is fully easy.

Ergonomic Handle proprietary spring-lock handle is typically snug, durable, plus stays amazing throughout regular stovetop makes use of.

Easy Care and Cleanup fry pan cleans up terribly simply within the dishwasher and is secure ne’er to blister, peel, or even interact with food.


  1. A little bit overpriced
  2. For this type of enormous area it will heat pretty equally on a gasoline stove however on an influence I discover that it heats terribly erratically.
  3. Not as nonstick as Teflon rather than for induction change of state

 Tips for Using the Product:

 Before First Use: Eliminate any labels. Never work with a metal or even another harsh scorer or harsh natural powder to fully clean your kitchen utensil. Ensure the kitchen utensil are dried before storage.

During Use: Baking along with fat: Heat your actual Scanpan to be able to cook heat utilizing medium heat adding the fat

Frying while not Fat: heat your product in order to cook foods creating use of moderate heat at that time begin to fry

 Right after Use:

  1. Clean the Scanpan alongside heat cleaner water. It’s the easiest so as to clear the merchandise whereas it’s still heat. The merchandise must be fully clear before it extremely is place away invariably.
  2. Don’t use gas through aerosol sprays usually, due to the very fact this might impair your personal product’s non-stick addressing.
  3. Don’t overheat the merchandise as the aluminum is phenomenal within keeping heat and temperature is senseless. Increased heat can scale back the specific sloppy performance. Excessive heating will not extremely become lined beneath guarantee.

 Other Tips creating Use of Scanpan Classic kitchen utensil

  1. In the poor/microwave society, there exists a tendency to quickly increase the warmth too. Scanpan suggests lower to average warmth for daily change of state.
  2. Put frozen or cold foodstuff into a terribly hot pan. Scanpan suggests thawing food 1st and permitting it to regulate to temperature. Watching temperature differentials can avoid projected.
  3. Never build use of abrasive cleaners or metal pads that might harm the highest of the pan.

Automated dishwashers use extremely powerful cleanup chemical substances and high heat to fully clean dishes. For this reason, Scanpan recommends hands cleaning to extend the helpful existence of the kitchen utensil.



Scanpan Classic Fry Pan may be the primary producer of sloppy kitchen utensil certified PFOA free. So it’s safe for the family . Small to no further fat is necessary with respect to change of state in order that you’ll be able to sort of a healthy meal with reduced cleanup. You may use your own SCANPAN Classic at the side of or perhaps while not fat once cookery. Nevertheless, if you decide to fry excessive fat product, prevent aerosol spray. The product will damage the actual non-stick surface with time. From being safe for the users aside, Scanpan kitchenware is eco-friendly too.


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